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I Want to Be Certain the Food I'm Giving My Dog Is Safe!

Treat time-my dogs go running to the freezer! I give mine frozen green beans or carrot sticks they gobble them up. Tangerine slices, but not too much…Apples without the core….. All of us have a different view on what kind of diet is best for our dogs I, for one, am of the firm belief that dogs are carnivores and feed mine as such but even this kind of diet is MUCH better than kibble. I have found that my dogs are healthier when intact although they do require more care due to their hormones so an intact dog is not for the faint of heart!

A large breed dog should be at least two years old. Most dogs should be at least 18 months. I wish that manufacturers were not allowed to get away with this kind of thing…. I would really love to know where you get your information! I was curious to see if I could find anything online and actually found several that said quite the opposite. It decreases the chances of mammary tumors and decreases malignancy when it does occur. Male dogs can and will have prostrate issues that are eliminated by neutering.

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I could go on. And then, there is the pet overpopulation problem. Re: early spay neuter- sex hormones are there for more reason than breeding. They have functions such as closing growth plates, contributing to healthy adrenal function etc. Hemangiosarcoma and osteosarcoma, cancers which are FAR more deadly than reproductive cancers, are increased as well.

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Also another consideration against early desexing of pups is the fact that they NEED the push of hormones to mentally and emotionally mature them. Behaviorists in the UK are finding that dogs that were neutered prior to release of hormones showed puppy-like behavior, i. I agree with tifffany based on the studies I have read. A recent report of the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation reported significantly more behavioral problems in spayed and neutered bitches and dogs.

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The most commonly observed behavioral problem in spayed females was fearful behavior and the most common problem in males was aggression. Meuten DJ. Tumors in Domestic Animals.

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At that time factors come in such as increased risk of pyrometra, harder seasons on the bitch, increased risk of diabetes, and increased risk of mammary tumours. There is a lot more I could say on this subject, but it is not the platform, and I apologize for taking it off subject, but felt it needed addressing. For many years, I simply believed all the torrent of spay and neuter propaganda.

Then I got a dog that taught me why spaying a puppy is animal abuse. She was picked up along with her mother and brother by a very reputable shelter in this area. She went into the shelter a healthy, 4 month old border collie puppy, When I bought her from the shelter a few weeks later, she had been spayed.

How right I was. She is now 8 years old. She has a list of physical and psychological problems that I have wrestled with all her life. Like a wise dog owner, I have tried to figure out WHY she has each of these problems — once you understand the root of the problem, you are better able to solve it. I found no answers — she is well trained, she lives a well balanced doggy life, she receives consistent wellness care from our vet, and my other dogs do not exhibit the same problems she has. Her thyroid is messed up and she is on medication. She has random anxiety attacks that plunge her into a quivering fear mode.

She takes a form of doggie Prozac for that. Although she is highly trained and she excels as an agility dog, she sometimes has these attacks on the course — or she simply loses focus and goes to pieces. She knows when we have incurred a penalty and only a true dog person will know how true this is it causes her to go into despair. She gives up on the course and wanders off, sniffing the ground.

Though I encourage her verbally and she gets treats after our run, she keenly feels the failure. Border collies are perfectionists and she is not satisfied with anything less than a win. Although she is 8 years old, she still has many of the psychological characteristics of a puppy — flightiness, inability to focus, lack of self control.


Those are just the MAIN problems she suffers from. Can I prove it was because she was spayed as a puppy? No, I cannot. However, as I said, every list of problems associated with early spaying includes all of hers.

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She is, in other ways, an excellent example of a good border collie dog. She has very good sheep herding skills and has scored a LONG list of agility titles. She is outrageously intelligent. In spite of the anxiety attacks, she is gentle and has a reliable enough temperament that we do therapy work in assisted living places. Her mother who was spayed when she was a few years old and brother do not exhibit the same psychological problems.

After 8 years of watching all this and researching possible causes, I am convinced — an early spay doomed this fine dog to a life of conflict between her love of work and her inability to focus and frustration. Plus, her physical problems with thyroid, frequent urinary tract infections, etc. I recently acquired a new puppy. She is not spayed and she never will be. Even before I realized how bad spaying is, I found the logic in that to be faulty. I would say, if you MUST spay your dog, wait until she is at least two years old. Also, look into the less invasive and destructive tubal ligation.

It completely prevents pregnancy, but it leaves the female organs intact so they can do their other vital work. I am sick to my stomach just thinking that I WAS giving my dog something that would harm her. After I am done with this message I will be cleaning out the goodies that Carlee once loved. I will do a lot more research on this before I buy her any kind of treats again.

What is wrong with the world how could someone want to make money by killing something so defenceless, the scary part is that I was helping them until now. Thank you for the real incite on what the dog food companies are doing to our animals. And its not just treats, most of those ingredients are present in popular grocery store food brands such as beneful, dog chow, iams, pro plan, eukanuba as well as vet endorsed foods like Science diet. Stay away from mainstream pet foods, most of them are garbage.

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Treat wise, my dog eats peanut butter biscuits a local pet bakery makes 4 ingredients one being rice flour and of course, peanut butter. He loves them to death. Smart dog. Smart, spoiled, happy dog. Same goes with my cats- their treats- fresh cooked chicken, salmon, beef, bison, etc or tuna biscuits we make at home. Thx so much for the info.. This stuff is crap, garbage, and should be removed from the market. The average person buying it has no clue. Pro plan, Royal Canin, Milk bones…….. Wake up people and give a sensible thought about what your pets should be eating.

There used to be a time when there where no supermarkets, let alone pet stores and pets have been around long before that….. If it is good for you, it usually is for your pet, so have some Purina, Milk bones or whatever it is that you buy for your best friend. Like Vix mentioned in her reply, think fresh, think chewing and your half way there. Do not get lulled into a false sense of security by fancy names on a pretty package.

Trust your own judgement and start reading the labels if you buy petfood. Merry Christmas everyone….. I am positive that ethoxyquin is the cause in my dogs seizures. They started 2 months after I switched her to Proplan last fall and she had one every 2 months on the dot. Her last one was Feb 13, The food that you are now feeding your dog, is it grain free? I also have a Pomeranian who suffers seizures after eating certain foods. Same foods effect me, so we both have to be careful of what we eat! He does fine if I do not give him any commercial treats, and such.

His favorite treat these days is a baby carrot. If your dog has seizures, check into lecthin and taurine to help them out. Great article! Thanks so much for sharing this information. It lists the resources, too, for more information. One tip ALL pet owners should definitely know: the dangers of mycotoxins that are found in high concentrations of any pet food with any type of grain as an ingredient. These molds increase due to poor storage at the factory and these mycotoxins increase with improper storage at home.