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Night Class. A programme about sleep

Skip to content Photo from camelcitydispatch. But there are ways to make it more bearable, tolerable even. Start by looking on the bright side. You only have to take this class once a week! That means less trips to campus and less days to worry about the class in general.

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It also usually means you have more time in between classes to get your assignments done. If you play your cards right, this could mean having a day or two off except for the night class es. Learn to reverse your homework schedule. Eat a light dinner beforehand. Check the weather a day or two in advance.

Plan to leave a few minutes early so you can take your time. A young model in the Night Class who is often in the company of Rima. Quiet and introverted, Shiki initially doesn't think too much of himself. Shiki's mother is a former actress who he must take care of because she's fairly helpless on her own. He is good friends with Ichijou.

A young model in the Night Class who is often in the company of Shiki.

If separated from him, Rima is often found worrying about Shiki. She is good friends with Ichijou.

Night Class (Episode 3): Teacher's Pet

Kaname's unofficial bodyguard. She only exists to exert her master's will. Later she goes on to serve Yuuki and Toga after Kaname's demise.

Bonus chapters reveal that her true name used to be "Hoshino" and she, along with her younger sister "Yoruno", were once offered to be sacrificed by cruel vampires in an attempt to appease Kaname's bloodlust. Disgusted by their actions, Kaname helps free both sisters but in the attempted escape, Seiren's sister ends up dying, with Seiren on the brink of death herself.

Night Class Start

Kaname offers her a choice to either die and join her sister or become a vampire like himself. She chooses the latter and in gratitude for the man's kindness, she develops fierce loyalty towards her savior, abandoning her "human" name and taking up her current name. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

Aqua Power - Night Class

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The rotating curriculum allows the students to study each topic at the appropriate level while in middle school and high school. Even though the class is split by grade level, the middle school and high school classes study the same topic, allowing parents to have meaningful discussions of what your kids learned during Sunday lunch! On Wednesday nights we offer spontaneous, yet structured and spirit-led classes. We only plan our Wednesday night fellowships one month in advance so we can address spiritual needs as they arise. As opposed to the Sunday curriculum, Student Leadership Teams will often plan and lead Wednesday night classes, allowing our students to decide what spiritual areas need focus for the night. Any night that is not led by an SLT are led by our youth ministers, who provide spiritual lessons that address specific needs of the youth group as a whole.