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Historic record and complete biographic roster, 21st Me. Woodward - - pages ,. The Thirty-second Maine regiment of infantry volunteers; an historical sketch by Henry Clarence Houston - - pages. The history of the Nineteenth regiment of Maine volunteer infantry, by John Day Smith - - pages.

History of the Fifth regiment Maine volunteers, comprising brief descriptions of its marches, engagements, and general services from the date of its muster in, June 24, , to the time of its muster out, July 27, by Rev. George W. Bicknell - - pages. Official register of Missouri troops for Published by authority by Missouri Office of the Adjutant General - - pages.

Holman - - 39 pages. Missouri party struggles in the civil war period by Samuel Bannister Harding - - pages.

Some lists of Missouri soldiers from the civil war These lists were produced individually and anonymously. Lincoln and Missouri by Walter Barlow Stevens - - 92 pages ,.

KSGenWeb Kansas Civil War Veterans County Listing

Mudd - - pages C. Missouri troops in service during the civil war. Letter from the secretary of war, in response to the Senate resolution passed on June 14, by the United States Record and Pension Office - - pages. Soldiering on foot and on horseback during the Civil War. Interesting experiences during the war of the rebellion by Luther William Harris Mr. Harris was a member of Co. B, 7th Missouri Cavalry the first year of the war, then of Co. H, 72nd Illinois Infantry, for the remainder of the duration - 12 pages.

History of Lafayette county, Mo. Nathaniel Lyon, and Missouri in : a monograph of the great rebellion by James Peckham - - pages. Three years in the service. A record of the doings of the 11th reg. Missouri vols by D. McCall and D. A private chapter of the war U. Slavery in the United States, emancipation in Missouri. Speech of Samuel T. Glover, at the ratification meeting in St. Glover - - 18 pages 6. An illustrated history of the Missouri Engineer and the 25th Infantry Regiments; together with a roster of both regiments and the last known address of all that could be obtained..

Neal - - pages.

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The Union cause in St. Louis in ; an historical sketch by Robert Julius Rombauer - - pages. The rebellion : its origin and life in slavery. Position and policy of Missouri, by Charles Daniel Drake - - 8 pages. New Hampshire. W - pages. Cavalry, and Veteran Battalion in the Civil War of , covering a period of three years, ten months, and nineteen days - Stanyan, John M - pages.

Martin Alonzo - pages. New Hampshire in the great rebellion : containing histories of the several New Hampshire regiments, and a biographical notices of many of the prominent actors in the Civil War of - Waite, Otis F. Otis Frederick Reed - pages. Leander Winslow - pages. Edward Oliver - pages. Daniel - pages. Thomas Leonard - pages. Luther Tracy - pages. Thirteenth regiment of New Hampshire volunteer infantry in the war of the rebellion, a diary covering three years and a day - Thompson, S. Millet - pages. History of the Seventeenth regiment, New Hampshire volunteer infantry, - Kent, Charles Nelson - pages.

The First Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the Great Rebellion: containing the story of the campaign; an account of the "Great uprising of the people of state," and other articles upon subjects associated with the early war period.. A minor war history compiled from a soldier boy's letters to "the girl I left behind me", Dramatis personae, The soldier boy - Martin A. Lane, now and for more than fifty years the wife of the soldier boy - Haynes, Martin A.

A memorial of the Great Rebellion: being a history of the Fourteenth Regiment New-Hampshire Volunteers, covering its three years of service, with original sketches of army life. Francis Henry - page. A History of the army experience of William A. Muster out roll of the second New Hampshire regiment in the war of rebellion - Haynes, Martin A. Martin Alonzo - 55 pages.

History of the New Hampshire surgeons in the war of rebellion - Conn, Granville Priest pages. Claremont war history: April, , to April, with sketches of New-Hampshire regiments, and a biographical notice of each Claremont soldier, etc - Waite, Otis Frederick Reed - pages.

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Reminiscences of the war of the rebellion, Copp, Elbridge J. North Carolina. Garrie Jackson papers, - Jackson, Garrie - pages. Histories of the several regiments and battalions from North Carolina, in the great war '65 Volume 3 - Clark, Walter - pages. Histories of the several regiments and battalions from North Carolina, in the great war '65 Volume 5 - Clark, Walter - pages.

Letters from the Forty-fourth regiment M.

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North Carolina in the civil war - - Sloan Foundation - 12 pages. Official army register of the volunteer force of the United States army for the years , '62, '63, '64, ' Adjutant-General's Office - pages. Reminiscences of the Guilford Grays, Co. Sloan - pages. Roster of the twenty-one companies furnished by Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, in the late war, by J. Alexander - - 58 pages.

Soldiering in North Carolina; being the experiences of a 'typo' in the pines, swamps, fields, sandy roads, towns, cities, and among the fleas, wood-ticks, 'gray-backs,' mosquitoes, blue-tail flies, moccasin snakes, lizards, scorpions, rebels, and other reptiles, pests, and vermin of the 'Old north state. The southern soldier boy : a thousand shots for the Confederacy by James Carson Elliott - - 74 pages.

A corporal's story.

Experiences in the ranks of Company C, 81st Ohio vol. A historic sketch, lest we forget Company "E. A history of the Eleventh regiment, Ohio volunteer infantry, containing the military record H; Teverbaugh, Solomon - pages. A military record of Battery D, First Ohio veteran volunteers, light artillery; - pages.

United States - History - Civil War, 1861-1865

McCook's regiment, 52nd O. I - Stewart, Nixon B. Francis Marion - pages. Four years in the saddle. War of the Rebellion, - Curry, W. L - pages. Greene County soldiers in the late war : being a history of the Seventy-fourth O. History and Roster of the Fourth and Fifth independent battalions and Thirteenth regiment Ohio cavalry volunteers: their battles and skirmishes, roster of the dead, etc - Aston, Howard - pages. History of the d Regiment, O. I - Schmutz, Geo. S - pages.

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History of the th regiment Ohio volunteer infantry from to - Pinney, N - pages. History of the rd regiment, O. History of the 78th regiment O. Henry O. History of the Eighty-first regiment Ohio infantry volunteers : during the war of the rebellion - Chamberlin, W. History of the Eighty-sixth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry - Ashburn, Joseph Nelson - pages. History of the Fifty-third regiment Ohio volunteer infantry, during the war of the rebellion, to Together with more - Duke, John K.